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Celestial Bodies and Jaded Update

I have been working on the next book (series) for a little bit and have come pretty far with it. I am at the point of deciding if the series is good as I have it laid out or if I can make it into a longer series with the characters involved. There are honestly so many options for this that it’s giving me a headache.
Main characters names are Celeste and Alex.
Supporting male characters names are Jaime and Thomas.

Jaded is now Kindle exclusive (has been for about a week or two I believe) and is also available in paperback. I partnered with Kinky Literature (clicking on the link will take you to my author page there) which is an Amazon affiliate that will help promote erotica books for free (with a link directly to Amazon which plays well with their requirements). I recommend checking them out if you are on a budget but still need promotion for your work. (If I find any others that are low to no cost I will definitely share them here on the blog).

Well, that’s about it for the updates. Other than writing and being sick it’s been an uneventful week here at the house. I hope that this post finds you all well.




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