Book Release

Redemption Series Cover Reveal – TONIGHT! 6PM MST

A bit of backstory:

The Redemption series is about a young college student and the journey he takes to get out from under an abusive father, his relationship with his step-mother, and the results that come about during the process.

Not slated to come out until 2019 (early part of the year), I decided to do the cover reveal now to get you guys excited for the series.

As the books sits now there will be three and they are all sitting at about 100,000 words or so. They may stay that length or they may have to be cut down and split into more than three books. I won’t know that until I get into the full-blown editing process.

The rough drafts have been sitting in my writing software for months. I had to decide if I was going to take the series mainstream and cut the explicit sex or keep it in the erotica genre and leave it in. I have drafts of both and after thinking about it, have decided to leave it in the erotica genre. It will fall into the taboo category as well as the thriller category.

I’m excited to share the covers with everyone in the next couple hours. Make sure if you aren’t part of the Street Team group you ask to join. All reveals are done in the group first and then shared to other channels.

You can join the group here:

Sayre Ambrosio’s Street Team FB Group


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